Oedo RubyKaigi 06

I went to Oedo RubyKaigi 06 on 2017-03-20 in Tokyo and gave a talk about random stuff.


My talk


“Random topics, but overly high dense”

Since I came to Japan, I tried doing everything opposite to what I’ve done, so instead of organizing things and cutting unnecessary noise out, I included everything, and kept unorganized.

Topics included

  • Ruby m17n
  • Ruby continuation (code example demo below)
  • Vim quickrun
  • The implementation of quickrun
  • How Vim spawns a process and interact with it
  • How to achieve cuncurrency in Vim script
  • Vim script
  • vim + ruby (if_ruby)
  • continuation can SEGV
  • Vim = OS
  • Vim 8 job
  • quickrun with job
  • vital.vim
  • Conventional difference how rubyists document and how vimmers document
  • reading implementations
  • music score and cooking recipe
  • Cooking for Geeks
  • The Art of Fermentation
  • Sourdough, Mead, and Sauerkraut
  • Illegal to name Engineer in BC
  • FRIL
  • Fablic, inc
  • Japan

The continuation simple example

loop version:

5.times do |i|
 puts "Current i is #{i}"
puts :done

This outputs this

Current i is 0
Current i is 1
Current i is 2
Current i is 3
Current i is 4

The other version with continuation:

require 'continuation'
cont = nil
i = callcc {|c| cont = c; 0 }
puts "Current i is #{i}"
cont.(i + 1) if i < 4
puts :done














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